Customer & User Experience

Emotions don’t just make us human, they help us feel connected. And, whether they’re seeking safety and reliability or fun and excitement, customers also look for an emotional connection with the brands they use.

iCrossing’s customer and user experience solution helps brands create that emotional connection with their existing and potential customers. The north star of our work is a deep understanding of your audiences and for this we harness the power of data and technology. This approach allows our strategists, creatives, technologists and data experts to identify opportunities for your brand to meet your customers’ ever-changing needs.

Rapid prototyping, continuous user testing and improvement minimises risk and maximises the potential for business success. And, from taking a holistic look at the customer experience to creating a digital product, launching a new website or rolling out a content marketing programme, our approach always puts your audiences front and centre. But while being customer-centric is key, our work is also grounded in your business objectives and KPIs.

Constantly iterating, collaborating closely, together we’ll help you draw a roadmap that clearly details the milestones, people and processes needed to deliver a successful experience.


CX consulting

Branding & creative

User research & testing

User experience design

Content marketing & strategy


Customer & User Experience
CX consulting

Deep dive into your customer experience like never before. From marketing and sales to customer service, we've got the data, technology and people that will keep your customers coming back for more.

Digital product innovation icon
Digital product innovation

Innovation starts here. We’ll help you spot the places where digital products and services can save you time, resource and make you money.

Content marketing icon
Content marketing

Create clarity from confusion. We simplify wayward content cycles through goal-led content strategy and production, to raise the visibility and value of your brand voice.

Website design and build icon
Website design & build

From CMS-powered websites through to complex, content rich publishing destinations. Websites designed with your brand baked in and your customer firmly in mind.

Web & native apps icon
Web & native apps

Let's make good things together. From Jamstack powered web apps to native mobile iOS and Google apps, our approach is micro services based, API first, cloud native and headless.

E-commerce icon

E-commerce excellence? Step right this way. From payment integrations and shopify builds to enterprise technology shops with thousands of SKUs, our smart solutions will help you grow.

Branding icon

From small screens to big stage keynotes, updates to new ideas. We'll start with the why and take you through to launch and beyond. And we'll bring the same passion and energy that you do.

Creative solutions icon
Creative solutions

The best talent in the industry, carefully curated just for you. Our creative capability includes everything from ad campaign creative to video and audio production.

Our Work

Delivering change for our clients

Case Study

/ Brand and Creative / Content

DALI 8 years of creative partnership

Creating cut-through in a rapidly growing high-end market, and finding new ways to launch products and reach new audiences around the globe.

SEE FULL Case Study

Case Study

/ Data and Tech / Product / Content / Audience and Strategy

Timberland global content strategy and digital experience

A global, multi-channel content strategy and influencer programme that increased blog visits.

SEE FULL Case Study

Case Study

/ Brand and Creative / Content

Volvo UK Active By Design Video Production

Bringing Volvo UK's brand values to life by partnering with legendary British athletes.

SEE FULL Case Study

Case Study

/ Product / Audience and Strategy / Content

Merrell Global Content Strategy and Platform Build

An award-winning global content strategy that drove 1400% more traffic to the Merrell blog.

SEE FULL Case Study


/ 02.04.2020

How to build a content strategy toolkit: Your ABC template

Follow our simple ABC structure to start building yours content strategy. We’ll help you check off what you have and clearly articulate what you need…



/ 12.04.2021

Putting Tailwind through its paces in our product design process

Come with us on a journey to explore how we can use Tailwind to make product design and engineering more streamlined. Plus a detailed look at how we have altered and used the Tailwind kit to build robust and scalable components.



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