- A fixed price strategy product

Selecting the right CMS for your business

Many businesses struggle to effectively select the right CMS for their business. With dozens of products available you may need expert help to invest with confidence. To solve this, iCrossing has created a strategy product called Bedrock.

What is Bedrock?

A fixed price programme designed to identify the right CMS platform, architecture and frameworks for your business and process.

With dozens of options available for a modern, composable technology stack, we take the work out of the evaluation process.

Our expert team uses an analytical approach to identify the right solution for your business; delivering recommendations and a roadmap that facilitates better content, greater efficiency and the best possible user experience.

How will Bedrock help?

Over a 4-week sprint Bedrock will help make complex technical choices simple, through a collaborative, transparent and expert consultancy package. Providing you with a complete set of recommendations to help you successfully buy and implement the right CMS technology stack for your business.

Bedrock will help you
Tim Dodd - Head of Product & Technology

"Do you stick with the same CMS tools and expect a better result? Or do you trust in the promises made by vendor sales representatives?

Why not mitigate the risk by taking an unbiased, analytical approach? Work with a collaborative team, with hands-on editorial and technical expertise, who make digital simple.

The phases of Bedrock

1. Discover

We will immerse ourselves into your current technical set-up, teams and business goals.

Through workshops, interviews and collaborative sessions we will also evaluate your existing technology, processes and skills in order to understand your current capabilities and focus our recommendations to ensure a bespoke solution for your business needs.

What you'll get (outputs)

  1. Discovery workshop

  2. User experience mapping workshop

  3. Establish key objectives, goals and success metrics

  4. Site architecture, functionality and 3rd party tools integration map

  5. Discovery presentation readout for approval

2. Identify

iCrossing will identify the best technology choices for your business, focusing heavily on the CMS platform, and validate these recommendations through prototyping and testing.

By testing our leading suggestions against your business needs and priorities we will develop a key set of robust recommendations while identifying key areas for future integrations and development.

What you'll get (outputs)

  1. Analytical evaluation of CMS platforms & front-end framework options against a weighted model aligned with your business needs

  2. Working prototype to validate the leading tool combinations

  3. Clearly mapped architecture of new website including functionality & 3rd party integrations

  4. Integration map for future development and extended tools (e.g. CDP, DXP, CRM, PIM, DAM)

3. Planning

iCrossing will ensure your business understands and buys-in to the proposed investment project through education and training sessions for both technical and non-technical stakeholders.

We will also deliver a clear roadmap for the implementation of the new tech stack detailing all associated costs and licences.

What you'll get (outputs)

  1. Education workshop to build internal understanding and buy-in

  2. Presentation and walk-through of the leading recommendations (using visuals and prototype)

  3. Presentation of the workflow for teams and tools (using visuals and prototype)

  4. Architectural plan, third-party costs (overheads) mapped against savings

  5. Roadmap to delivery, the website (sprint plan) and cost estimation


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