Virgin Experience Days

A bidding strategy to weather the COVID storm

Change …

The Covid-19 pandemic hit the experience sector hard. Day trips, tours and attractions were out. And constant changes to government restrictions caused wild fluctuations in campaigns, making it harder to set bid strategies. A surge in searches in Food & Drink experiences (+68% in searches in May compared with March), for example, failed to convert due to availability concerns.

But we were determined to not only weather the storm for Virgin Experience Days but use this unique challenge to initiate permanent positive change across their paid account.

Made Simple

With demand for some previously low-performing campaigns growing due to changes in market conditions; now was the time to increase visibility.

We needed to recalibrate our campaigns to drive maximum traffic and sales within our targeted return on ad spend (ROAS). So, we ran a full review of bid strategies to increase VED’s dominance across all categories, taking a granular approach to ensure each campaign could perform to its full potential.

Putting campaign performance under the spotlight, we analysed historical data to categorise campaigns on a tow axis: return on ad spend against sales volume. This allowed us to treat campaigns separately based on volume, so they could grow individually rather than being dominated by larger campaigns around them.

These new bid strategies drove a record-breaking sales increase and improved efficiency across the account. That this was all achieved within a volatile Covid-19 market and amidst high competition makes the results even more remarkable.


increase in paid search revenue (quarter on quarter)


increase in paid search revenue ROAS


increase in revenue for low volume campaigns


increase low volume campaign ROAS


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