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We needed to help a leading global pharmaceutical company launch a website, offering a new, prescription-only medicine to healthcare professionals (HCPs). Our goal? To recommend landing pages that were visible for keywords used by HCPs, as distinct from patients – all while making sure our solution followed strict government guidelines around marketing prescription medicines to the public.

Made Simple

To increase the number of identified keywords for HCPs, and to be confident that search volume was generated exclusively by them, we needed a way to validate the audience behind each keyword.​ The first step was to recognise the language patterns HCPs used when searching on Google, as well as the content features they engaged with.

We were then able to identify search results with a high percentage of HCP signifiers, and built an innovative Search Volume Tool to automate the process. By analysing our tool’s findings, we understood the split between patients and HCPs, and the broad keywords used by each group.​

This tool gave our pharmaceutical client an edge over competitors treading a dangerous line in broad-match optimisation. The cost savings were a winner too – what would take approx. 250 hours of manual analyst work, our tool does in a matter of minutes; saving our client upwards of £20,000.

Our Search Volume Tool also has wider uses; it can be used to find almost any audience in organic search.

Awarded Bronze for Best Use of Data at the Corporate Content Awards
250 hours of analyst work saved
£20,000 saved


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