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iCrossing started working with Adobe as a key partner on Fidelity’s digital program. During this time, we have seen fantastic improvements in our generic paid search offering a 346% increase in assets (revenue). But wider than this, incorporating the Adobe stack for Fidelity has lead to greater Efficiency, Integration and Automation.

Made Simple

Using the Adobe stack saved valuable time and boosted performance for Fidelity beyond what any manual approach could achieve. Using their bid management tool, Adobe Ad Cloud merged both Fidelity’s Google & Microsoft Ad accounts for easy cross platform optimisation and overview at all key levels. The multi-channel access and the platform’s abilities to generate bulk reports and custom spreadsheet feeds have sped up our processes of weekly reporting and daily budget pacing, where this automation in reporting saves time on what could be a very manual process, leaving us more time to analyse and strategise.


The integration Ad Cloud with Adobe Analytics has been beneficial in how we report and optimise on performance, where previously Fidelity relied on custom conversion tags through Google’s bid management tools, the move to Adobe had the benefit of importing key metrics that are referenced within Adobe Analytics and we see as the most important data to optimise against. With this, we can leverage this data in everyday decisions and use within Ad Cloud’s objective functions.


Adopting Ad Cloud’s portfolio bid management tool using different objectives, has seen a huge boost in Fidelity’s Generic Search activity. Previously, Fidelity was relying on ROAS based bid strategies through Google’s platform, which can only reference certain sources evenly. Adobe’s objectives function enabled us to import all key performance metrics from Analytics, then weight them based on priority to give the portfolio’s indication on how to optimise to set monthly budgets.

We saw amazing uplift and great budget management from initial rollout, but after working with Adobe to enhance our objectives, we saw a 37% increase in conversion rate PoP and a 346% increase in assets (Revenue) accrued.


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