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Helping Times Money Mentor drive traffic through an insight-led content approach

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Times Money Mentor was created by The Times to help its readers make better financial decisions. Their team of experts was producing quality website content, but wanted to increase search visibility and traffic through a more insight-led content approach.

Made Simple

We were tasked to help them identify new topics and content opportunities. To achieve our goal, we produced weekly reports combining social and search listening, using these insights to create detailed, data-led content recommendations around trending themes.

As well as suggesting new articles, we also focused on increasing content discoverability through weekly refreshes; helping the team update and optimise their existing articles with recommendations informed by recent data and high-volume search terms. This gave Times Money Mentor the power to rank higher in organic search.

Our holistic approach also included weekly organic social media posts, which were based on the online conversation and themes found in our social listening work.


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data-led content pieces


increase in daily total reach on social


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