Web design and build

Designing and building a new UX-focussed digital platform for eye care specialists, Optegra, leading to a 45% increase in conversion rates year-on-year.

The challenge

An underperforming digital platform

Eye care specialists, Optegra, had a presence online; but their website was under performing. It wasn't optimised for mobile, the layout was basic and inconsistent, and the user experience needed a lot of attention.

What we did

With a focus on UX & UI, we breathed new life into the digital customer experience

With key objectives to increase conversion rates and improve SEO, iCrossing's expert product design and build teams adopted a mobile-first Agile sprint approach to user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) to breathe new life into Optegra's digital customer experience. We also built a modular content management system (CMS) framework, future-proofing for efficient further content uploads.

Focus on the digital customer experience

Overall revenue has increased by 56%. Now, people are finding what they want with fewer clicks.


Overall conversion rates are up 45% year-on-year (YOY)


Number of page views is down by 30% which, given the improved conversion rates, is a good thing


Consultation booking requests are up a whopping 80%



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