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Using reactive content to drive a safe tourism recovery in Wales

Change …

The COVID pandemic put the whole world on pause but for Visit Wales’ whose objective is to drive tourism into the country the impact was an immediate pivot from inviting international visitors to Wales through paid media to creating visible, safe and responsible destination and activity content for people within Wales. In a time of changing attitudes, we needed to tap into real-time consumer intent and sentiment to ensure Wales remained relevant and front of mind in search listings.

Made Simple

In phase one of our organic content plan, we conducted a content gap analysis steered by search and social insights, to focus recommendations around ‘COVID-safe’ outdoor activities, staycations, and family getaways.

For phase two, guided by government advice, we dug deeper into demand around specific Welsh destinations to deliver to local need. From this insight, we identified existing Visit Wales content to refresh and opportunities to create new guides.

Creating responsible content tailored to need

Working from our detailed recommendations, we consulted Visit Wales’ destination experts on locations, local guidelines, and alternatives to popular spots to reduce the impact of over-tourism. And where independent first-person advice was called for, commissioned a respected Welsh travel journalist to provide staycation inspiration.

The first batch of six guides went live well ahead of the spring/summer travel peak, allowing them to settle into the SERPs before the surge in searches. As well as strong organic movements for Welsh destination terms with high search volumes, the Visit Wales site now ranks on page 1 for a number of research terms likely to see a hike in demand in Spring/Summer 2021, such as ‘staycation Wales’.

Results ranks on the first SERP for 15 new keywords, with a total search volume of 55,990 ranks in position 1 for ‘Best beaches in West Wales’ has 3 new pages on the first SERP for key Wales beach and staycation terms


Measuring the value of content marketing




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