A new way to measure web and app engagement in Google Analytics

Alistair Johnstone

Data & Analytics Consultant

Google recently announced a brand new App + Web property which lets you combine your app and web data for unified reporting and analysis. This is exciting news, however it’s still very much in beta with a lot of missing features, so don’t go rushing to replace your Universal Analytics implementation just yet.

Although the name implies that you may have to use app and web data in the new property, you actually have the option of choosing from either iOS app, Android app or Web data stream:

A new measurement model

The new property is not only exciting because it lets you combine web and app data, it also uses a brand new measurement model, which is also compatible with Firebase. This new model puts the focus on users and events, letting you break free from the limitations of Universal Analytics events (Category, Action, Label) and create your own event parameters.

This event-based model also lets you automate common events you would otherwise have to tag manually. Enhanced measurement will automatically track scrolls, outbound clicks, site search, video engagement and file downloads.

New reports

The new analysis module let’s you examine your data outside the confines of pre-defined reports. There are a number of techniques available within the analysis module to help you make sense of your data and discover new insights.


See instant visualisations for ad-hoc analysis.


See where users are dropping off on your path to conversion.

Path analysts

See what actions users take between funnel steps to find out why they didn’t convert.

Will App + Web replace Universal Analytics?

It’s unclear at the moment whether Google intends to replace Universal Analytics completely, but it’s promising to see this new measurement model available in Google Analytics. Expect to see Google focusing more on App + Web with new features being rolled out in the very near future, remember, it’s still in beta.


There’s no reason why you shouldn’t jump in now and get a head start on your data collection in the new property, just be aware that there are a lot of features missing at the moment (such as ecommerce reports) and you will want to run this tracking alongside your Universal Analytics implementation, for now.

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