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Tanya Spence-Kelly

Digital Marketing Account Executive

UK to create ad market authoritarian

In a nutshell

Following a detailed Competition and Markets Authority investigation earlier this year, which called for tighter regulation over Google and Facebook’s digital advertising dominance, the UK government has sprung into action. It has confirmed it will create a Digital Markets Unit, able to enforce a new code of conduct and fine tech giants for any unacceptable behaviour in the online ad market.

What does this mean?

The new code is designed to ensure consumers and businesses aren’t disadvantaged by actions taken by the likes of Google and Facebook, meaning they will need to be more transparent about the services they provide and how they use consumer data.

James Mortimer, our paid social director says “The digital advertising duopoly doesn't benefit anyone other than Google or Facebook. In 2021 increased scrutiny from governments around the world is the biggest threat that both companies face. In the US this has already begun with 46 states bringing antitrust cases against Facebook. The news that the UK Government is going to look at additional regulation should be welcomed by consumers and advertisers. More competition in the advertising market is important for society and if this move brings the industry closer to that it can only be a good thing.”

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WhatsApp introduces in-app shopping carts

In a nutshell

WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned messaging app, has launched in-app shopping carts, making it easy for users to explore a business’s products and services while using WhatsApp. Whilst the messenger has had the ‘catalog’ feature for a while, which allows businesses to share their products and services with customers, the launch of carts enables users to place orders too.

What does this mean?

Although WhatsApp doesn’t yet support payment (meaning once the order is placed by the user it is then up to both them and the merchant to work out a payment method), the addition of carts is another step towards WhatsApp enhancing its business focus, and whilst the messaging app may not be your first point of call when it comes to shopping, it’s becoming an increasingly popular place for small businesses to sell their products, with over 50 million business users worldwide

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TikTok is trialling new three-minute videos

In a nutshell

Currently, users can upload videos of one minute or less to TikTok, and the unique short video format is what defined the popularity of this rapidly growing social media platform. But TikTok is now trialling three-minute videos, giving users more space to create.

What does it mean?

Jill Alger our social media strategist, believes this update will open new doors for brands – especially those that already create longer-form content for other platforms, such as trailers and tutorials – as it gives them greater opportunity to repurpose creative for TikTok with less editing.

“The only concern is whether it could result in a less ‘snackable’ user experience, which made TikTok so addictive in the first place. Given the average TikTok user is aged between 16 and 24 – a demographic notorious for having shorter attention spans – brands mustn’t forget what content is going to resonate best, and not abuse the freedom of longer content limits at the detriment of overall engagement.”

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Google Maps launches new Community Feed feature

In a nutshell

Looking a lot like the Facebook news feed, Google’s new community news feature – sat within the Explore tab of the Google Maps app – is designed to help users find the latest news, recommendations and updates from local sources (like businesses), all in one place. Google is rolling it out globally, and users can browse not just their current location but anywhere on the map, making it a great travel resource.

What does this mean?

Business posts will now be seen on the app by users who haven’t actively followed a company’s Google profile. While testing this feature, Google found that business posts saw more than double the number of views than before the feed existed.

To take advantage of the new feature, business owners should make sure their accounts are optimised in Google My Business, where they can share alerts on deals, updates and other offers.

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iX Team Fidelity win at Financial Service Forum Marketing Effectiveness awards

We’re chuffed to announce that our work with Fidelity is award-winning! Team Fidelity won ‘Most Effective Digital Campaign’ and ‘Most Effective Integrated Advertising Campaign’ at the Financial Service Forum Marketing Effectiveness awards.

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