Facebook Ads to remove 28-day attribution model

Sandra Frankowska

Paid Social Strategist

Facebook has announced  a phase out of its 28-day attribution window, from 12th October 2020. Going forward, ad accounts will default to a 7-day attribution model.

In its official announcement Facebook said

"Upcoming digital privacy initiatives affecting multiple browsers will limit business’s ability to measure people’s interactions across domains and devices. Among those limitations is the ability for businesses to attribute conversion events back to an ad over longer attribution windows.”

Facebook went on to explain that the change will make advertisers more resilient for future privacy and browser adjustments. Although, they don’t directly mention it, this is likely referring to Chrome’s plans to remove third-party cookies in the not so distant future.

This update will also apply to the Facebook Ads API. However, the API will continue to facilitate reporting using the 28-day attribution window until the browser limitations come into effect.

What does it mean?

Facebook attribution models allow advertisers to measure impact of their ads beyond last click. By default, Facebook’s attribution window is set to 1-day view and 28-day click, so all advertisers currently using the standard attribution model will see their future results affected by this change.

To ensure your business is prepared for it, you can do the following three things:

  1. Export any historical 28-day attribution window data before the changes go into effect on October 12 2020.

  2. Use the comparing window feature to see how conversions get attributed to your ads across different windows. This will help you understand the discrepancy between the windows to better anticipate any changes in reporting going forward.

  3. Finally, if you have any automated rules that are using a 28-day attribution window make sure to update them to avoid any unexpected changes once the update goes into effect.

If you are after more information on Facebook’s 28-day attribution change and advice on the implications for your brand, drop us an email on results@icrossing.co.uk – as a Facebook Marketing Partner we would love to help!

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