Paid social: Guide to advertising on LinkedIn

James Mortimer

Paid Social Director

Thinking about LinkedIn advertising, but don’t know where to start?

The platform for the professionals gives you some unique targeting options for job sectors – and even roles within these. And because users are all clear about why they’re there (hint: it’s to do with advancing their careers and businesses), there’s less need to be coy about the fact you’re advertising to them.

We think LinkedIn advertising fills a specific niche – see if it’s one that could work for you with our expert guide to the platform.

Demographic factfile

364 million-plus members

55% increase in the over-55s between 2012 and 2014 

The platform of choice for professional networking 

The iCrossing view:

“Conversions are very expensive, but there’s a big audience and impressions are high. And it’s the only place where you can go really granular and target people based on their job titles.”

Pros – what’s good

Unique targeting opportunities: Because users input more professional information than other platforms, you can target by job title, industry, company name, level of seniority, LinkedIn Groups and skills – on top of the usual geographic location, gender, age and interests.

Natural B2B advertising: Because LinkedIn is primarily a professional networking tool, users are more receptive to work related ads.

Cons – watch out

Very expensive cost per click: You’ll pay £2+. Most campaigns only generate a small volume of click-throughs despite high impression levels – so your conversion page needs to work hard. 

Ad types

LinkedIn ad – find these at the side or top of the page:

Here’s what you need to provide:

• Headline (up to 25 characters of text)

• Description (up to 75 characters of text)

• From: (your name or any company)

• Image: (50x50 pixel image)

• URL (website people visit once they click on your ad) 

Sponsored updates – find these in the news feed alongside organic posts. Use them to promote your content further than your own followers, with options to follow the company, like, comment and share the post:

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