3. Shoppable everything

Maria Bain

Head of Audience Intelligence

What is it?

To monetise their content, social platforms like Instagram and Pinterest have closed the loop between inspiration and action by integrating click to purchase on items shown within images. This is expanding to video, and also becoming more prevalent across publisher and editorial content. Compressing the traditional path to purchase means marketers need to rethink the role of their content strategies, tying in all digital channels to become more effective.

How will this impact you?

In 2019, the big players started to make moves in shoppable media. Google scaled up its Shopping products, the Amazon Live venture into interactive streaming experiences heated up, Instagram launched shoppable posts and rolled out in-platform checkout, Pinterest introduced Shop the Look ads, and YouTube brought shopping ads to mobile.


But is this growing propensity for shoppable media impacting brands?


Providing a user-friendly experience not only makes the purchasing process easier but gives brands the opportunity to strengthen their relationship with the consumer. We’ve already seen the impact of shoppable social media on driving purchase intent, but Google Shopping ads have really made waves in the retail industry in 2019. Google now drive 76.4% of retail search ad spend and generate 85.3% of all clicks on AdWords or Google Shopping campaign ads (Adthena Search Marketing Report 2018).


Shoppable media in social platforms provides brands an opportunity to drive improved ROI on platforms where their audiences now spend most of their time online. Shoppable media is allowing brands to target users with creative that lets them buy a product seconds after discovering it.

The iCrossing view

Shoppable ads and social commerce won’t slow down anytime soon, and brands need to invest in channels, tactics and media formats that are going to deliver in the age of ‘shoppable everything’.


It’s critical that brands plan for their audience and real behaviours, rather than just riding the trend. Gaining insights around their audience’s propensity to use shoppable channels, be that search or social, is vital to planning. Brands need to better map consumer journeys – from initial consideration to conversion – to identify potential opportunities for shoppable media channels.


Incorporating shoppable media buying into your digital strategy should strengthen brand positioning, simplify customer journeys and drive real business growth. As technology continues to progress, so will the customer experience with shoppable ads. We’ve only scratched the surface.



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