iX POV: What marketers need to know in 2020
2020 has long been a near-mythical date

2020 marks the end of a decade which saw the introduction of the iPad, the Google driverless car, smart speakers as well as huge developments in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence; inventions are now part of daily life or seem as if they are great technological advancements on the verge of breakthrough. Each January many trends predictions are published, some more realistic than others, and our inability to predict the future can be highlighted in that the past decade saw us pass the fictional settings of ‘Back to The Future’ and ‘Blade Runner’ and we have reached 2020 without a hoverboard or flying car in sight.

At iCrossing, we have a Change As Usual ethos and as a digital performance agency we help our clients understand and adapt to change. This year we have produced a list of 10 trends which we believe will impact digital marketing in the coming 12 months (still no hoverboards, sorry). Whilst change might not be as fast as we might perceive, having a reactive approach is no longer enough; identifying new trends and harnessing them is now a form of competitive advantage.



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