Why SEO and PR need to buddy up
The Global View

This year we have introduced The Global View – a series of Connect posts that will give you a quick snapshot of the big issues influencing digital marketing around the world, as seen by the different offices in the iCrossing network.

For the second in the series, the guys in Germany are discussing the need for PR and SEO to become best buddies. This continues to be a seriously hot topic for us in the UK as well and is something the UK SEO team have written about previously as well. Here’s what they had to say about it.

One of the big challenges for CMOs in 2015 will be to find efficient ways to bring PR and SEO even closer together. CMOs can no longer afford to manage them in isolation. Why? It’s simple….

Good quality content perfectly tailored to its target audience will increase brand awareness, which is a common PR objective. But interesting content will also be shared – an SEO goal. Furthermore, good PR relations with industry influencers and journalists will also come in handy for valuable shares. It’s clear the two must now work together if CMOs are to maximise their budgets. Ultimately if you’re not getting SEO value from your PR output then you’re not getting the most out of your budget.

There are a few simple steps that you can take to help your SEO and PR campaigns work more effectively together.

  1. PR and SEO teams need to meet regularly to discuss topics, timings and core target media so that their activities complement rather than compete

  2. PR and SEO teams must synchronise their contact lists and be clear on which team should manage which relationships

  3. Blogger events should be kept separate from PR events with online journalists. The objectives of these are not the same and should be dealt with in different ways

  4. Don’t forget that the information packs and goodies you prepare for events or meetings with bloggers will differ from those you prepare for PR contacts as they will have different needs.

  5. The PR team must be aware of SEO goals and should look for ways to help achieve them. Similarly, the SEO teams must be aware of the PR objectives and respect these.

The main focus must be on fostering an environment where SEO and PR teams can talk openly with one another. If they are left to work in isolation you will at best miss out on some great opportunities, at worst cause irreparable damage your brand as the two teams compete for coverage.

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