Demonstrating content expertise with iCrossing's E-A-T Checklist

The experts at iCrossing share their thoughts on how to optimise your content and improve your ranking in Google organic search.


Katerina Iliaki

Digital Content Specialist

Find out how to optimise your content for E-A-T to improve your ranking in Google organic search results

Expertise, Authority, and Trust (E-A-T) are the three factors Google uses to measure and evaluate the overall quality of a web page. In other words, E-A-T is a set of guidelines which determine quality content by prioritising what’s relevant and authoritative.

Why does it matter to your brand? E-A-T has a direct effect on both the page’s quality level and reputation on the web. And quality plays a crucial role in where a page ranks in Google’s organic search results. To be deemed high, Google states that “websites need enough expertise to be authoritative and trustworthy on their topic.” This means optimising your content for E-A-T purposes is key to improving your page’s ranking.

When reviewing your site pages, remember that Google is looking at the content at three different levels:

  • Author of the content

  • Content on the page

  • Website

Our list outlines which E-A-T elements are important at each of the above levels and includes simple actions to optimise your content – like adding author bios and credible statistics, planning frequent refreshes for time-sensitive pieces and working with renowned experts.

Want more tips? Download our E-A-T checklist for free.

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