Financial Services 2020 Digital Marketing Focuses

The Financial Services sector has a thin tightrope to walk between marketing investment and pay off. One misstep in regulation and consumer trust can hit brand and bottom line hard. And that fear can paralyse.

But loosen its grip with the right knowledge and expertise and the weight of responsibility can also fall heavily in your favour. Finances are both crucial and complicated – people need a friendly, authoritative voice that speaks their language to help simplify them.

And now more so than ever. A recent survey by Hearst, our owner, showed that 56% of the publisher’s audience are concerned about finance during the COVID-19 pandemic (source: Hearst Instant Insights), and some 60% of the UK are worried about the economy’s ability to recover.

Priorities have rapidly shifted, and financial services brands have been quick to respond – diverting digital marketing resources from acquisition to retention, putting emphasis on existing customers who seek support from their trusted brands.

As we navigate these new waters with our finserv partners, we’re committed to exploring routes to adapt to changing audience and business needs. To help bolster the impact of above-the-line marketing. And to unlock the insights and buy-in needed to maintain momentum.  

Start stabilising the pillars of your digital transformation now, with talent and technology able to react as quickly as your legal team, and you’ll have both an advantage over traditional competitors and a fighting chance against digital disruptors.

We’ve brought together four of our digital experts, across data and analytics, paid and earned media, to help make 2020 the year you lay the foundations for long-term growth. Discover how.

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