How to launch a successful digital product

From ideation to go-live and beyond - a practical guide to taking a web or native application to market from the experts at iCrossing.

Now is the time for your digital win

Huge changes in consumer and lifestyle behaviours mean there’s never been a better time to launch digital products and services. But success is far from guaranteed.

Since the arrival of the Covid-19, we’ve had to find new ways to work, learn, shop and socialise. Necessity, as the old proverb goes, is the mother of invention – and, boy, have we seen an acceleration of digital innovation and adoption! It’s the perfect time to launch new digital products and services, right?

Well, yes – but with a hefty caveat. You’re not the only one who has spotted the opportunity. Launching a digital product is always tough, but achieving cut-through and a commercially viable adoption rate in a crowded market is tougher. The internet and app stores are riddled with poorly conceived commercial flops. Success requires a rare blend of innovation, hard work and planning (not to mention a little luck).

Survival of the newest

There’s also a phenomenon called ‘survivor bias’, which actually flatters many of the start- up statistics. According to the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, “Small brands are able to post higher percentage growth...because any growth is from a low sales base. But they are also more likely to fall completely out of the market than big brands. ‘Survivor bias’ can cause another error in analysing growth: it’s only the shares of surviving small brands that are tracked so the average performance of small brands is inflated.”

Our aim is to make you aware of some of the common pitfalls of product development – and impart a little wisdom on how to avoid them.

Over the years at iCrossing we’ve been lucky enough to get involved in creating digital products for a gloriously diverse mix of clients, from global brands to start-ups and everything in between. We’ve observed, and been part of, some success stories and of course some that fail. The aim of this guide is to make you aware of some of the common pitfalls with practical guidance on how to avoid them.

Contents include:

  • Introduction

  • The virtuous cycle of digital product development

  • How to launch a successful digital product

    • Validating your big idea

    • Finding financial and strategic support

    • Developing your brand and product strategy

    • Building your product: a virtuous cycle

    • Growing your audience

  • Talk to the digital product specialists

  • Get in touch

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