How to use Facebook and Instagram for business

How many times have you wished that you knew “How to” do something? Well, at iCrossing we are here to help with How to guides covering all different areas of the digital marketing landscape. This is How to Facebook and Instagram ads.

Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world. With over 2.5 billion active users every month, people use Facebook to stay in touch with their friends and family, get entertainment and news updates, as well as following their favourite brands and companies. Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) currently boasts around 1 billion monthly active users and caters to an overall slightly younger demographic than the Facebook platform. It is also the second most logged in social media site for daily use after Facebook.

With such a vast number of active users covering a broad audience demographic, it makes sense for any marketer to want in on the advertising game with these two platforms.

If you’re new to advertising on Facebook and Instagram, this How To is for you. Our social experts Sandra and Mike have compiled the ultimate guide for advertising on Facebook and Instagram so you can enter the game with valuable knowledge on best practices as well as tried and tested methodologies for achieving the best results possible for your brand.

Sections include:

  • Why advertise on Facebook? 

  • Why should I run Facebook ads through iCrossing? 

  • Facebook demographics 

  • How much does Facebook advertising cost? 

  • What are the Facebook campaign objectives? 

  • Facbook dynamic ads: how beneficial is it for retailers? 

  • Facebook ad targeting options 

  • Audience insights tool 

  • What are the different Facebook ad formats? 

  • Pro tips when creating your Facebook or Instagram ad

  • Learning phase 

  • Facebook pixel 

  • Performance measurement on Facebook

  • Brand safety 

  • Pros and cons of advertising on Facebook 

So, let’s show you How to Facebook and Instagram ads!

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