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iX Universal

iCrossing’s home of insight and automation

Our in-house team of product and automation engineers have built a suite of proprietary tech and machine learning tools that will give your business a competitive edge.​​

Whether it’s real-time search data from Hearst to identify actionable trends and opportunities or delivering you real-time alerts about the health of your PPC campaigns & SEO efforts multiple times a day – our tools are designed to drive optimisation of all your digital marketing activities.


Our tech detects and prevents problems before they happen by monitoring and auditing the health of your PPC accounts and SEO efforts multiple times a day. Get peace of mind knowing your campaigns always adhere to our tried-and-tested best practice.


Our teams use an extensive and ever-growing library of SEO, paid media, and content-focused solutions to shake off menial, repetitive, and manual tasks to give them the time and space to focus on really making an impact.


Our solutions will fundamentally change and improve the way you optimise, monitor, and plan your digital marketing activity. Our proprietary competitor insight, Hearst data, and machine-learning technology will equip you with the tools you need to bring about a step change in your approach to digital marketing.​


Our Technology Products

Work with us to harness the power of automation and spend more time on bigger picture strategic thinking, and less on day-to-day activity. 

Without this solution Virgin Experience Days PPC brand spend would be 280% higher and would cannibalise 50,000 cheap SEO clicks each month

iX Competition

Monitor and react to changes in a dynamic competitor landscape for your most important keywords in real time. By connecting our competitor insights directly to your Google Ads account, we create spend efficiency and reduce SEO/PPC cannibalisation.​

We used insights gathered by this tool to increase CTR by 158% and decrease CPC by 54% for the Welsh Government

iX Insight

At iCrossing we have access to the vast data capabilities of the Hearst network. We tap into this unique benefit and use machine learning to identify, categorise, and respond to search trends relevant to your business. ​​

Hearst don't just cover the trends, they set them so you are guaranteed to be ahead of the competition when it comes to understanding what’s generating interest amongst your audience.​

iX Health saves 20 hours per month per client and increases account health on average by 23%

iX Health

Thorough manual account audits are time consuming, irregular, and prone to human error. Our iX Health solution audits your accounts multiple times per day to ensure they adhere to our best practise and stop problems before they surface.

iX Market

iX Market is our SEO market analysis tool. It uses rank tracking, search volume data, and benchmark CTR data to provide your teams detailed insight around market, domain, and query level SEO performance.​​

iX Chatter Tracker

To add more colour and insight to your traditional social reports we use machine learning to analyse the emotions and keywords found in the comments on your social posts. We go beyond traditional metrics to provide deeper insight and improve your approach to ad copy, creative, and customer experience. ​



Are you ready for a marketing automation step-change?

Moving too slowly in digital is the biggest threat facing your business.

Work with us to harness the power of automation and spend more time on bigger picture strategic thinking, and less on day-to-day activity.