Turning insights into deliverables

Audience-first content strategy delivers at pace for Dove

The Challenge

Dove engaged iCrossing as a content strategy and creation partner across five international markets to drive organic search among core audiences, while attracting new customers.

Cross-team collaboration drives a winning solution

Our content experts worked to uncover insights on Dove’s core audiences, highlighting their needs and the key questions they were asking on Google.

Our SEO specialists went to work refining keyword analysis within these topic areas to identify high-ranking searches the most valuable audiences were performing.

Our editorial specialists used this data to craft compelling headlines that delivered on keywords while creating cut through on SERPs. 

Finally, our network of subject matter experts then produced high-quality, editorial articles to deliver audience-first, SEO-led content across Dove’s global hubs. 

Dispelling the myth that organic strategies yield only long-term return

The Result

A 57% uplift in organic traffic to our content in 90 days is testament to strategic, customer-lead content improvements being able to deliver impact at pace.

Additional wins included:

  • 200+ keywords ranking in positions 1-3

  • 700+ keywords ranking in the top 10 positions

We were able to help give Dove the advantage in a competitive landscape. The by-product of this increased visibility leading to increased website traffic is enhanced brand authority, improved conversion rates, maximised ROI and ultimately business growth.


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