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Trialling broad match to drive engaged visitors to the Visit Wales website

Change …

Visit Wales wanted to drive as many users as possible to their website who would show intent to be inspired to book a holiday in Wales, plan their itinerary and book their Welsh accommodation.

This was particularly challenging because Google had recently changed its best practice guidance from granular match-type-based campaigns to broad match. This was designed to pick up many long-tail searches with various intents but has historically been a poorly performing match type.

Made Simple

We identified areas on the website to promote more effectively, as well as new keywords. We then grouped these keywords around the search intent that was tied back to Visit Wales’ goals.

Given that the broad-match consolidated structure was a new concept, we didn’t want to instantly roll it out for the client in case it wasn’t suitable. We dripped new campaigns in over the course of six weeks to monitor the performance and impact of the new campaign goals.

iCrossing UK is leading the way with this campaign. As broad match is such a new concept and significantly different from previous best practice, it’s unlikely other agencies/advertisers have even started trialling it yet.


increase in impressions


increase in clicks through to the site


increase in conversions


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