Winning in search with an SEO-led editorial content strategy for Unilever's Nexxus


Nexxus is a global leader in salon-quality, science-backed haircare. The brand wanted to continue to grow its authority in this space while driving more organic search traffic. iCrossing was briefed to create 60 pieces of needs-based, compelling content across 10 topics supplied by the client, including blonde and bleached hair, damaged hair, keratin, purple shampoo, and frizz protection.

While the content needed to perform well in organic search, another important element was to ensure it didn’t undermine search traffic from other Unilever haircare brands. This meant all articles needed a strong editorial point of view.

Made Simple

Our SEO and Content leads worked closely to focus the search data on terms that would offer fresh and Nexxus-specific ways into these topics. We started by reviewing and expanding on the basic keyword research that was provided by the client, to ensure there were no gaps in the data. SEO then reviewed the search landscape to see who and what type of content was ranking well for these terms and what the expected uplift in clicks could be. Using this data, the Content team came up with a series of headlines that incorporated the recommended keywords and offered an editorial angle that was compelling, practical and unique to Nexxus.

Once the headlines were approved, we sourced subject matter experts and seasoned beauty journalists from across the Hearst network. Tapping into this level of editorial expertise meant we were able to tackle the topics in a fresh way. This resulted in us being able to offer the client high performing features perfectly relevant to the Nexxus brand.


pieces of content across 10 topics


average search volume per month


keywords ranking in the top 3 click-driving positions

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