Global content strategy and digital experience

A globally relevant, multi-channel content strategy and audience-engaging influencer programme that achieved 74% more blog visits via social.

The challenge

Create globally relevant content to engage a new audience

We wanted to build Timberland a global content strategy to streamline creative processes and asset production globally, and simultaneously activate a global influencer programme to integrate seamlessly with existing marketing and communications.

What we did

The Modern Trail

Our teams crafted a new global content strategy and tone of voice to reach new audiences without alienating existing customers. Boasting talent and experience in both content marketing and product design and build, we worked closely with Timberland’s creative and PR agency, as well as internal teams, to create a truly multi-channel content strategy. It incorporated every touchpoint – from TV Ads to in-store retail marketing and e-commerce, and we built a platform that integrates e-commerce products into Timberland's storytelling.

Then, to bring the ‘Modern Trail’ to life, we identified a series of influencers who shared many of Timberland's brand values, creating a wealth of content around each.

Engage your audience

Timberland's main objective was to create content aimed at its new target audience that could be used by all of the brand's global territories. We did this by creating stories that married emotionally-engaging personalities with desirable products.


Increase in entrances to the blog via social


Increase in organic entrances to the blog


Films shot and delivered globally



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