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Being in the Audience Intelligence team, it is our job to provide data-led insights to support our clients to help them think about long-term strategic plans.

Each month, we provide our clients with a monthly social media report to provide performance analysis across their social media accounts.

It became clear that sometimes the smallest changes can help grow their social media accounts, this was clear when conducting ongoing monthly tracking. Considering your audience and goals per platform is key!

Here is a breakdown of the top best practice tips per platform…

TikTok best practice:

TikTok is a platform where more is more. Posting frequently will make the algorithm work more in your favour.

Add a CTA within your bio

Why? This tells your visitors exactly what to do next, so they know how best to interact with you

Don’t exceed character limit of 80 characters

Why? The platform’s 80-character limit means you’ve got to keep it snappy and to the point.

Add a link in your TikTok bio:

This is a valuable way to direct traffic from TikTok to other pages you want to promote

Why? This gives your channel purpose and will help to give your audience context as to what your videos are about. It also allows audiences to learn more about your brand.

Monitor suitable trends to recreate for your brand and use popular music from the TikTok library

Why? TikTok's algorithm gives preference to trending videos, so you'll get more views – and engagement – when you jump on a trend.

Prioritise vertical videos

Why? TikToks are viewed on mobile, so it makes sense to create videos that fit this

Ask your audience a question in the CTA – get them involved!

Why? The TikTok algorithm counts comments as engagement. This is used to determine the popularity and relevance of a video among a certain audience. Encouraging audiences to comment with their views will help increase engagement, which the algorithm favours.

Use hashtags to increase engagement

Why? Using relevant hashtags will allow more audiences who are interested in your type of content to engage with it. This will help to broaden your audience base. Using hashtags is also favoured by the algorithm but make sure you don’t use too many as TikTok will find it hard to categorise your content. Keep it concise!

Ensure captions are ‘on’ for all videos

Why? This will help to include audiences who have accessibility problems, such as hearing difficulties. Keeping content inclusive will help to grow engagement and your audience base.

Intent is key: What do you want your consumers to get from your content?

Why? Don’t just post a video for the sake of it, ensure that you’re raising brand awareness. When looking to create content ask yourself – what do I want audiences to do with this information? Is it to learn more? Find out about offers?

Instagram best practice

Look to get yourself verified if you are a brand

Why? The meaning of the verified badge represents brand authenticity.

An Instagram account with a verified badge next to its name means that Instagram has confirmed that it is the authentic presence for that person or brand.

Update story highlights and separate any different content into menus so your audience can refer to stories they might have missed.

Why? It allows you to separate content themes through stories in a creative way, capturing any difference in campaigns, for example.

Post at the right time

Why? Ensuring that your content is seen by the maximum number of people is key to increasing engagement. This doesn’t happen by chance. Understanding when people are on the platform is key.

Platforms such as Instagram prioritise recency within the algorithm.

HubSpot recognises that the best times to post are as follows:

Anytime between 8am and 12pm on a weekday and anytime on a weekend.

Engage with your audience – ask a question in the caption to get the conversations started

Why? Replying to questions and comments on Instagram will allow audiences to understand you as a brand, your tone of voice and feel like they are listened to.

This is important when considering audience trust in a brand.

Use 4-5 relevant hashtags and make sure they are different each time to favour the algorithm

Why? Although you can have up to 30 hashtags on a post, platforms prefer fewer hashtags as too many can give audiences the impression that the brand is lacking authority. Keeping it concise will allow the relevant audiences to engage with your post.

Tag relevant people and brands and use the location tool on all posts to increase engagement

Why? Tagging people will only increase engagement and get the right eyes on your post! Just be sure to only tag the relevant people and locations and be careful not to give away specific locations to keep yourself safe online.

What next?

Ensuring that social media best practice is adhered to is only the first step in improving your accounts. The next step is a full social media strategy for each platform which aligns with your goals and considers the metrics you’ll be tracking and analysing.

Want to learn more? Get in touch with the Audience Intelligence team.

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