Google Marketing Live: The latest announcements

We have a recap of the updates and announcements from Google’s annual event, unsurprisingly, packed with lots of AI.

Lottie Namakando

Head of Paid Media

Create campaigns in Google Ads using conversational AI

By using the AI powered chat directly with Google Ads, AI is able to create assets for you, in theory reducing some of the more time-consuming elements of campaign launching. You will be able to review and edit the assets which are produced, so you won’t lose complete control. However, at this point in time, your input is needed to direct the AI.

What does it mean for digital marketers?

I will be really keen to see how this launches, how effective it is, and the quality of the outputs, this could be a game changer for efficiency, but only if the tech works.

PMax adds generative AI to enable the creation of text and images

This means another layer of automation within the campaign set up process for PMax, and negating the need for advertisers to create the assets. It uses your brand and vision to create assets which again you can review and edit.

What does it mean for digital marketers?

We have seen the outputs from Google developed creatives in the past, so I am interested to see what these assets look like before I get too excited. It is questionable whether AI can really do the job in a creative setting, with the development of image and video ads. Some of our clients do have challenges with creating enough relevant assets for PMax, this could help with this issue.

Google will target search queries with AI-powered assets

This should bring an increased ability to deliver relevant ads, through the use of user intent for a query as additional insight for the ad copy at the point of the auction. It is another step onwards in Google’s ambition to deliver really tailored and specific ad copy to its users, through automated solutions.

What does it mean for digital marketers?

Again, it will be interesting to see what the quality of the ad will be. However, it could again remove some of the heavy lifting from copy optimisation and, in theory, help with the increase in CPCs, which many sectors are facing.

Integration between Google Search Generative Experience with Shopping ads

Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) and its role in search was fairly recently announced. This update from Google is a build on that announcement, explaining that shopping ads will now be integrated into the Search Generative Experience. We are starting to see the opportunities for Google to monetise SGE

What does it mean for digital marketers?

This is still in the test phase, but may mean an increased emphasis on shopping feed quality and data to ensure your brand gets in on the opportunity.

New features added to Google Ads

Some new tactical elements are being added to Google Ads, including brand restrictions in broad match. We will also see AI and LLMs (natural language processing programs) developing in smart bidding technology.

What does it mean for digital marketers?

Additional tactics and more powerful bidding solutions hopefully are going to help solve some of the challenges marketers face in PPC. Time will tell as to how good they are!

Google is adding new campaign types to Google Ads, Video Views and Demand Generation campaigns

Video View campaigns will integrate a variety of formats including shorts, in-feed ads and skippable in stream, to get the most views. The Demand Gen campaigns will show across a broad number of platforms including Discover, Gmail and YouTube Shorts to drive conversions. The addition of a new lookalike segment tool will also help expand the reach of the campaigns.

What does it mean for digital marketers?

For many brands, YouTube still remains a channel they struggle to activate, the addition of new campaign types will hopefully provide new ways to test the channel and integrate it into marketing mixes.

Finally, the new Merchant Center… "Merchant Center Next"

Merchant Center Next will replace the existing platform by 2024. The purpose is to simplify the platform for product feed management, allow for the use of website data and feed creation, and essentially make the processes easier. Additional insights will also apparently come with the Performance Tab.

What does it mean for digital marketers?

More insights and again, efficiencies in workflows and sets can only be a good thing. In a world where competition is fierce and often consumer loyalty is low, understanding as much as possible about your performance is going to be key.

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