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To show our commitment to your recovery, we launched iX Growth, our webinar series. Watch past webinars here and digest digital marketing insight. Connect with us and send your burning questions to our experts at results@icrossing.co.uk.

The name is Science, Data Science. Shake up your marketing analysis, don’t just stir it.

Krishan Gandhi, Director of Data Strategy & Analytics

Think you need MI6 clearance to understand data science? Listen to Krishan Gandhi, Director of Data & Analytics, demystify data science concepts, so you can make better marketing decisions.

More than words. How to create content with purpose

Jo-ann-Fortune, Head of Content

Sam Colebrook, Content Strategist

Keywords are the tip of the iceberg when planning content. Find out how to make the most of SEO and social insights to deliver value for both your audience and brand. 

Five consumer trends post lockdown

Tim Lawrence, Head of Strategy & Planning

How are habits formed and what is the likelihood of consumer behaviours changing? Tim will discuss five trends we are likely to see continue including small luxuries, the changing language of communications and how IRL is now real life.

How to make thumb stopping paid social campaigns 

James Mortimer, Paid Social Director

Looking to develop growth strategies from your paid social platforms? Learn how to get the most from your platforms and make thumb stopping creative from James, Paid Social Director.

Develop without developers 

Dan Williams, Media Innovation Director

Want to automate tedious processes and build innovative tools without having to work around typically endless developer roadmaps? Media Innovation Director, Dan can show you how to spot automation opportunities, create simple automated workflows, and even take your first step towards learning to code.

Programmatic: Measured to success 

Louis Schmermuly, Biddable Media Manager

Struggle to attribute the success programmatic can bring to your business? Listen to Louis Schermuly, our Biddable Media Manager, on how to correctly value your programmatic media buying for your brand.

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