Understanding the halo impact of campaign activation through audience intelligence

Rosie Fleming

Audience Intelligence Strategist

Tracking audience brand perception

The impact of digital marketing goes above and beyond traditional metrics of success. Yes conversion rate, click-through rate, cost-per-click and reach are all important to measure the performance of individual channels, but how can we track the impact of a digital campaign on longer-lasting brand perception? How can we measure whether our activity has helped place a brand on the initial consideration set of its most valuable audiences? When it comes to the long game, and lasting influence, our halo impact reports can track previously unmeasurable audience perception change.

What is perception monitoring?

Through our audience intelligence service, we can track perception shifts across audiences. Using social listening, we can segment social mentions of a brand, product or service into certain associations and spot movements over time.

Perception can be tracked against increased or decreased positivity or negativity, or against brand specific associations; your brand is associated with being green, purposeful, helpful, etc. Through these detailed perception associations, we can build bespoke halo impact reports for clients, specific to the perception or association their campaign is working to improve or enhance.

Why does it matter?

By comparing pre- and post-campaign data we can report on how impactful a campaign has been in increasing the perception of Wales as a sustainable business destination, for example, or in increasing the perception of Philips as a brand supporting positive body image.

Moreover, gaining a better understanding of the leading and lacking perceptions held about a brand, product, or service helps to inform future content focus. With such a view, we can recommend capitalising on leading associations and building upon their clout, as well as boosting any associations currently lacking, through PR, paid promotion and campaign content.

Tracking a 32% increase in the perception of Wales as a sustainable nation for business

Let’s take the example of Trade & Invest (T&I) Wales. One of the brand’s goals for 2021 was to increase the positive perception of Wales on the world stage. By comparing perception data across bespoke associations pre- and post-campaign, we were able to report on how impactful the omnichannel campaign had been on increasing perceptions of Wales. To gain this view, we proposed a halo impact report incorporating perception monitoring – a completely novel concept for T&I.

For T&I Wales, segmenting mentions meant bucketing all online mentions of key Welsh industries that referred to a desirable association (e.g., innovation) and comparing the volume of these mentions to that of other desirable associations (e.g., sustainable, talent, fast-growing, etc.). As a result, we not only gained an understanding of the worldwide perceptions of Wales, but had a benchmark to monitor any movement in the future.

We expect to see shifts in perceptions depending on focus within recent content, campaigns and PR. When we conducted another halo report in Q1 2021, T&I had run a large sustainability campaign at the end of 2020, showcasing Wales as a nation committed to a greener future and positioning itself as an eco-friendly business destination. This is the kind of activity that should impact perceptions of T&I, specifically how sustainable people perceive Wales to be.

We compared the number of mentions for each association from the initial time period analysed (pre-campaign) to the most recent time period analysed (post-campaign) and showcased the % change. We found perceptions of the sustainability of Welsh industries had increased by 19% in the UK, and by 32% globally.

Not only did our halo report track the impact an omnichannel campaign had on the longer lasting perceptions of Wales, but it helped showcase the kind of campaign activity that is effective in producing such a shift. This helps identify priority messaging and formats for future campaigns aiming to shift perceptions in this manner.

Tracking a 67% increase in the perception of Phillips encouraging self-expression

Similarly, Philips wanted to compare how the brand was currently perceived, compared to its core competitors. We selected brand associations that were aligned to the upcoming Philips Lumea campaign messaging and purpose so that we could accurately measure how effectively campaign activity had influenced shifts in audience perceptions over time.

Having gained benchmark data in the form of perceptions pre-campaign, we were able to state changes in perceptions post-campaign. For example, we saw a 67% increase in consumer association between Philips and ‘self-expression’ since the campaign launched.

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Getting, and staying, on the consideration sets of audiences needs to be a priority for your brand. Only by gaining an understanding of your audience’s current headspace and thoughts, will your brand be able to act upon, or shift perceptions, and succeed in increasing consideration. Monitoring these positive perception shifts is vital for continued success and our halo impact reports can do just this.

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