What is Clubhouse and what opportunity does it present for beauty brands?

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Initially, we tell ourselves that we have too many apps on our phones – too many profiles to populate with content and only so much time in the day to devote to these things.

But, on the face of it, something about Clubhouse sets it apart from the rest. So, what is it? And, specifically, does it hold potential for beauty brands?

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an invite-only audio platform; there’s no text (beyond the name of the event), and no images. Instead, you have open ‘rooms’ where you can listen in on conversations, debates or presentations in real time.

As a user, your choices are to open a room, either by yourself or with others, or listen in on other rooms where you can raise your hand and ask a question or weigh in on a subject.

What opportunities does Clubhouse offer for beauty brands?

Say you’re a skincare brand that likes to focus on education, communication and community-building amongst your existing and potential customer base. Where once you may have hosted customer events in store or at a venue where you moderated panelled discussions, Clubhouse offers you the same format, virtually, in their rooms.

You just need to create a room, bring in your speakers, and start hosting. So far, great. But you’re restricted to inviting just the people already using Clubhouse; users are given invites that they can pass on, but they’re limited.

Another obvious niggle lies in the lack of moderation. While some rooms are wildly informative and offer an inclusive environment for progressive thinking – as well as an excellent opportunity to connect with your audience about your brand – there are inevitably rooms where conversation is less civilised, and perhaps out of line with your own world views.

Currently, the talks aren’t recorded, but perhaps that will change in the future.

Is Clubhouse worth it?

Maybe. As with all new social media platforms, there are wrinkles to iron out, but that hasn’t stopped an influx of celebrity users including Oprah and Elon Musk. Clubhouse could be an excellent platform for beauty brands to host events and interact with their customers, although bear in mind the lack of room moderation.

How to make your social media work for you

Clubhouse is just the latest in a string of social media platforms; some turn out to have sticking power, others less so.

We know it can be a challenge to cultivate an effective social media plan – knowing what content works best where, understanding how your customers want to communicate with you and, ultimately, how to convert that engagement into sales. We can help you navigate the fundamentals of social media best practice and highlight areas of potential in your own social strategy. Just drop us an email to discuss.

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