iX POV: Google Ads latest match type changes

Becky Degiorgio

Paid Search Director

Google Ads to phase out broad match modified

As a result of Google’s ability to identify intent behind search queries, they are choosing to simplify keywords and soon phrase match will expand to cover additional broad match modifier (BMM) traffic. As a result, Google will be phasing out the BMM keyword match type.

Why are Google ‘merging’ match types?

The ‘merge’ of match types has come as Google moves increasingly towards smart bidding advancements. As smart bidding relies on having access to as much data as possible this is a move towards further empowering the automation and machine learning through consolidating campaigns and merging match types. The move away from the traditional PPC accounts having a high volume of campaigns each split by keyword theme and match type. The advantage of which was to directly control spend in specific keyword areas.

How does this impact marketers?

The account as it currently stands will not be impacted, as existing BMM's can continue, however new BMMs moving forward will need to be uploaded as phrase match. As this is rolled out we will monitor very carefully how traffic, CPC's and SQR's are impacted.

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