Kickstarting my career in digital with iCrossing UK

Charlie Sharp

Junior Account Project Manager Trainee

A new chapter begins…

I came to iCrossing not knowing what to expect. I’d been working in hospitality and retail for years, and was longing to learn something new. I found my current role as a project manager trainee through the government-funded scheme ‘Kickstarter’ and hoped that iCrossing would offer me growth, new experiences, and a sense of purpose. Now I’m nearing the end of my six months, I can confidently say that my expectations have far been exceeded.

Gaining knowledge and experience

As a Kickstarter, coming into the completely unfamiliar world of PPC, SEO and all things digital marketing could have been an overwhelming experience. There have been times I had no clue what was going on, but the team’s support has been amazing. My manger and my colleagues have been extremely patient, understanding and encouraging in every step I’ve taken. From leading stand-ups to joining client calls, the motivation from others inspired me to do my best, and subsequently pushed me out of my comfort zone, giving me more confidence.

Personal growth

As well as being encouraged to grow professionally, iCrossing inspires everyone to grow on a personal level. During my time here, I’ve been part of iX belongs – a group which strives to create the most welcoming and inclusive atmosphere in the company. There are always more steps to be taken in the world of inclusivity, but I feel that iCrossing not only creates step change in the digital marketing world, but also behind the scenes. Initiatives such as a diversity and belonging action plan, with detailed steps to improve everything from recruitment to office environment have shown me that workplaces can be healthy communities wanting to be accessible for all people, regardless of gender, race, or background.

Thank you to everyone

iCrossing is truly a place which encourages people to do their best, for both themselves, and their clients. Like many other co-workers, I can see myself progressing and growing in an environment where everybody wants to see you succeed and move up.

As my six months as a Kickstarter at iCrossing ends, I would like to say a big heartfelt thank you to everyone who’s been part of my journey. I look forward to the relationships I’ve started here continuing long into the future and I’m excited for my next career move in digital.

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