Women driving technology and data within iCrossing

The 8th of March marks International Women's Day—a day dedicated to celebrating the achievements of women and advocating for advancements in gender equality. We at iCrossing strive to make this a part of every day.

As a 60% female agency, occupying the historically male-dominant tech and data space, we're proud of the talented and inspiring women on our team and the ways in which we support them to thrive.

Inspire Inclusion

At iCrossing, we recognise the significance of diversity and inclusivity as integral elements of our people strategy. And so, we have fully embraced the UK's theme for International Women's Day 2024 to 'inspire inclusion.'

It is in this spirit that we shine a spotlight on two of the incredible women on our tech and data teams, and share the ways in which we support the women of iCrossing year-round.

What makes you proud to be a woman in Tech / Data & Analytics?


Being a woman in tech gives me a real sense of pride. It feels like I'm continuing the amazing work of the women who carved out a space for us in this industry. Yeah, there are times when I'm the only woman in the room, but I always feel like my ideas and contributions matter. It makes me really thankful for all the hard work that's been done by so many determined women over the years. 


Though I am the only female in the data team, I am treated just the same. I can feel that my work and insights are valued, which empowers me to keep learning and striving for success for our clients, enhancing their data integrity and maximising time and cost efficiencies. I am glad to be a part of a company that values diversity. 

What women in the technology & data industry inspire you?


I am continuously trying to learn from those around me, it is one of my life mottos. I draw inspiration from many of my clients and colleagues but one that stands out is Michelle Ogilvie, the Website Manager of My Home Move Conveyancing and a client I have worked closely with for some time now. She always brings such positive energy and curiosity to the room. Also, a previous manager of mine grew her hobby into co-founding a ceramics studio, using her marketing expertise to organise amazing exhibitions that celebrated Japanese craftsmanship which I found very inspiring. Her positivity and determination really stood out to me too so I strive to embody that in my own life.


In my career, I've been surrounded by some amazing female role models who've taught me that being empathetic isn't a weakness, but a strength. They've helped me see my own worth, reminded me not to settle for anything less than I deserve and encouraged me to take opportunities for growth and progression. These women have shown me that balancing home and work life can be tricky, but what really matters is creating your own version of success, being true to you, and making a positive impact in the lives of others wherever possible.

How do you think the technology & data space can inspire inclusion?


‘Inspire inclusion’ as a theme really speaks to me. Diverse perspectives are key to innovation. Companies have a huge part to play here, creating environments where everyone can be their true selves and learn from each other's perspectives, and ensuring doors are open and support is in place for a diverse talent pool. That is how we start creating a more inclusive industry at large. 


I think it starts with companies bringing in and fostering talent regardless of ethnicity and gender. It is also important to create a positive workplace where women have a voice and feel empowered to share their ideas and achieve their ambitions. It is also great to see companies honouring flexible working to ensure women are able to balance work and family if need be. 

How we support women at iCrossing

How do we invest in women beyond International Women's Day? Here are some of the ways we ensure inclusion is a year-round activity:

Our Menopause and Endometriosis policy 

With such a large portion of our agency set to experience menopausal symptoms at some point in their lives, we wanted to ensure that we are supporting all our employees to promote a supportive working environment where everyone is treated with respect and feels able to bring their whole selves to work. This is also the case for 1 in 10 women, non-binary people, and those who were assigned female at birth who will experience symptoms of endometriosis once they reach puberty. Symptoms of endometriosis are chronic and can be debilitating. We are proud to have had our menopause and endometriosis policy in place since 2022, to raise awareness of these issues and highlight the support that is available directly to those with menopause and endometriosis. 

Our Family Friendly policy 
iCrossing understands that in order to support gender equality, its crucial to give consideration for all employees who are parents. This includes expectant parents during their pregnancy/adoption process, during maternity, paternity, adoption leave periods and upon their return to work. We believe in a personal approach, meeting the individual needs of each employees’ health and wellbeing leading up to and after the birth/adoption of their child. 

We feel passionately about the importance of ensuring family commitments are balanced with employees’ careers at iCrossing and therefore offer enhanced packages for maternity/paternity/adoption and shared parental leave.  
When employees return from parental leave, we ensure they receive a full (re)induction and support to give them the best possible transition back to the workplace. We have also run parental support and mental health sessions to give parents the forum to support each other.  

Our hybrid working 

We operate a hybrid working model, meaning that much of our working week can be used to work away from the office, giving parents more time to spend at home and work flexibly around their childcare schedule. 

Our flexible working 

In addition to hybrid working, iCrossing operates core hours, giving a total of 10 flexible hours back each week. This can take the pressure off the school run and gives the opportunity for staff to start and finish work at a time that works best. 

Our Together Time 

Everyone at iCrossing receives extra paid time off each year to spend with their nearest and dearest. Lots of working parents use this time to attend school plays, or parents' evenings. It ring-fences time and gives parents the power to use their time off however it suits them. 

Our mentor programme 

iCrossing offers a mentorship scheme to support individuals and build a high-performing team who are experts in their field, as well as have the support and knowledge they need to achieve their long-term career goals. We have several female mentors who specialise in career advice, leadership, client management, returning to work/working parents, growth and development, working with neurodivergence, part time working/work-life balance, culture transformation, client strategy and confidence. 

Hannah Callagan, Account Manager, has been mentored as part of this programme and says:

"Mentoring has been a really positive experience for me! I think it is especially important for women to have a space in the professional workplace where ambition, drive and focusing on development is encouraged & fostered". 

Our CEO, Paul Button, closes with a few words

“As CEO of iCrossing UK, I’m incredibly proud of the diverse and talented women who drive our success. This article clearly highlights the invaluable contributions of unique female perspective, creativity and leadership that benefits not only our agency but the broader professional landscape. We celebrate the achievements, acknowledge the resilience, and reaffirm our commitment to gender equality and empowerment, challenging our industry to keep championing for an ever more inclusive environment where every individual can flourish. Happy International Women’s Day!”  


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