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We love Brighton, we love SEO, so what better place to celebrate than at BrightonSEO?

2022 has been a pretty spectacular year for iCrossing. For those who joined us at the iX Beach Hangout in April and October, you'll know it was a place to recharge – both for you and your gadgets, relax with a great cup of coffee and take a break so you're able to refocus on the next part of your day, and have great conversations – connecting you with your industry peers.

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Content prioritisation: Approaching infinite opportunities with finite resources

Our very own content strategy director, Sam Colebrook, spoke at BrightonSEO on Thursday 6th October, at 10am.

In this talk Sam discussed the question at the heart of every content strategy: “What content should we create?” With ideas coming from everywhere and everyone, content calendars fill up fast. But how can we be sure we’re focusing on the right ideas? The ones that will drive real, measurable value for your brand? In this session, we define the questions to ask before jumping into creation. And sharpen the tools you need to answer them.

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Speaker | BrightonSEO

Stat Packages: A secret recipe to get more SEO implemented

In April, the charismatic and knowledgable Harry Sumner, senior search director at iCrossing, who's passionate about all things SEO, spoke at the conference. In case you missed it, his talk offered valuable advice on how to ensure your SEO recommendations are executed.

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How to move customers out of the messy middle

The global pandemic saw an accelerated change in online shopping behaviour, with a drastic increase in time spent searching the web. In turn, people's searches proliferated in terms of their query sets – from buying, to researching, asking questions and wanting to know more about (re-) opening times.

In this article in Performance Marketing World, Harry Sumner, senior search director at iCrossing UK, explains how a total search approach can help untangle the increasingly 'messy middle' of the customer purchase.

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The iCrossing Guide to Site Migration

To ensure success, our iCrossing SEO specialists share six key phases that need to be considered in every site migration.

iCrossing has an established history of site migration success and for more SEO advice and top tips, get in touch.

The Site Migration Guide is free to download.


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BrightonSEO started out as a few people meeting at an upstairs room in a pub. Now the conference is held at the biggest venue in Brighton. Attended by people and businesses all over the world, it's a must-attend event to discover all things SEO.

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